DJs Can Go "Sci-Fi" During Corporate Tech Events


Corporate events absolutely can be fun, exciting, and engaging. As long as the right planning goes into an event, those who attend are sure to walk away feeling good about the company and its direction. Boring and flat corporate events don't evoke this kind of result, though. The events need something special to jazz them up a bit. Music and other forms of entertainment should definitely be weaved into the event.

8 March 2017

Lighting For The Action And Music Of Your Charity Fundraising Gala


It's the biggest event of the year—and you're in charge. The charity organization that benefits from the annual gala is relying on you to create a fabulous evening that inspires participants to give generously. The date has been picked, the venue is booked, and the board of directors has chosen a theme that is bound to entertain and motivate guests to open their pocketbooks for a worthy cause. Your role as the organizer is to make sure all the vendors are on board to provide excellent food, decor and entertainment.

25 August 2016