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DJs Can Go "Sci-Fi" During Corporate Tech Events


Corporate events absolutely can be fun, exciting, and engaging. As long as the right planning goes into an event, those who attend are sure to walk away feeling good about the company and its direction. Boring and flat corporate events don't evoke this kind of result, though. The events need something special to jazz them up a bit. Music and other forms of entertainment should definitely be weaved into the event. The right entertainment adds that unforgettable component that boosts the enjoyment factor of the event immensely.

If your business is technology based, try matching your entertainment to your forward-thinking and future-focused goals. Read on to learn about some ways that a DJ can help you do this.

A Little Bit of Futuristic Music

A DJ does more than just play generic music selections. A savvy DJ knows interesting and humorously appropriate choices can liven up any event. For tech companies, playing songs known for their futuristic influences could add something quite nice to the proceedings. Classic selections such as tracks from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars would definitely be appreciated by attendees. Odder choices such as one of the many disco variations of the Doctor Who theme work well too. The off-the-wall futuristic nature of these choices should fit nicely into any type of event related to the equally futuristic tech industry. 

Weaving in Unique Music

The DJ could always spin a few traditional selections and then segue into a sci-fi tune. This way, a decent balance of novel selections and standard ones allow the music to maintain its enjoyable nature. The DJ could play a few blocks of high-tech music, cease playing the selections, and then go back to the unique theme. The weaving in of the themed music keeps the unique entertainment fresh and exciting.

Contributing Theme Music

At certain points during an event, someone may be called to speak at the podium. Walking up to the podium to nothing but clapping is kind of dull. A skilled DJ could play interesting "theme music" for the speaker. Sci-fi selections from such instrumental bands as Tangerine Dream would probably work quite well. Cool-sounding themes definitely would build anticipation towards hearing a speaker. A DJ will know what musical picks to make.

Talk to a company like Top Talent Entertainment about the desired sci-fi theme and ask for a DJ who is skilled at making these types of music selections. 


8 March 2017